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synthetic vs . cable

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has anyone used the synthetic for a heavy pull, snow plow, or for fun?just want to know .
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i personally havent but have herd good things it dosent spring back like steel if it snaps but ive herd your not suposta plow with it
I have pulled alot w/ my cable. I guess the heaviest would be a rhino though. Never had any probs w/ it and no cuts on my hands.
Sorry no snow to plow around here.
I have used both. The cable will eventually frey and give you painful steel splenters. The syn rope will never do that. The rope also floats if you are in the water. I think the rope is easier on the winch since it doesnt weigh as much. Like someone mentioned above, if the rope breaks under a load it wont slingshot one way or the other.
plowing with synthetic

I guess my main concern would be if i could plow or not with the synthetic. If i cant ill stick with the steel cable.
well you can but ive herd that its not good for it the constant up and down
I have had a blue Amsteel for almost 2.5 years.. it finally broke this past summer, i was pulling out a Big Bad Boy Buggy 4x4 out of a creek.. So i put on my new MasterPull synthetic rope... i have pulled my brothers duramax dually out and his 77 chevy 4x4 out... so yea these ropes are awesome!!

Also they wont have "memory" when your spooling it up or free spooling, so when you give it slack it is like it is... Unlike steel cable and it just goes crazy..

I had the Blue Amsteel on a Warn A2000 for a year and then put it on my Milemarker 3500. it lasted for 1.5 years. Now im workin on a Masterpull on my New Milemarker.
I asked this same question here a few months back, and got a great response. I too plow and was looking into the synthetic. The person told me to keep a short section of my old steel cable and use it to plow with....that way the winch would work a little faster (less cable spooled). Made sense to me.

I still need to order a synthetic rope for mine...anyone know of a cheap place?????
I got mine off ebay from Masterpull i think..
Buy one get one free.... Their mistake..... hahah

I think i was only $34 also..

Check there. or
I read somewhere the other day, I think it was in my dennis kirk book, where they were selling synthetic rope pieces especially for raising and lowering plows because they claim the hard angle from the fairlead down to the plow is not good for the steel cable.
If i remember it was about a 8' peice for the Plow Synthetic rope??
yeah that sounds right to me too. it was offered to add to the end of cable rope but my thinking is if the end being synthetic is strong enough to pull a plow the whole cable in synthetic should be strong enough as well.
I have read other posts that suggest that the full length synthetic has too much stretch to be good for plowing. Perhaps that's why the shorter length is marketed specifically for plowing??...Anyone have any 1st hand experience - I am getting tired of fixing and replacing my steel cable due to heavy plow use.
There is no stretch in synthetic rope. Buy 50' and put it on your winch and you will wonder why you waited. No splinters. No memory. No binding on the drum. Twice as strong as steel. I have pulled my bike straight up a vertical embankment with it no problems and I regularily hang the front of the bike from a tree for washing. Best $$$ I ever spent. Oh yeah, works awesome on the plow too. Plus as it originated from the marine industry(used on sailboats) it is also rot proof so you don't have to worry about drying it out after a ride.
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