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Synthetic or Wire?

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Looking at a winch and I was wondering what everyone thinks of the Synthetic rope instead of wire . Has anyone had a problem with the rope getting tangled really tight on the spool and not being able to get it undone? Thanks for the help.
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I've only used steel so far, and aside from the obvious disadvantages (frayed filaments, splinters and kinks) which, with care, can be avoided, I think it does fine for me. Plus you never have to worry about abrasion cuts, wear, etc, and regular fairleads are cheap.

I would suggest going with steel till it breaks or kinks badly, then buying an aftermarket synthetic rope (about 55$). Manufacturers charge more for a pre-spooled synthetic winch than it would cost you to do the aftermarket replacement.
I used my cable like 4 times and it started to come apart and after the first time out the rollers on the fairlead were stuck. The rope is lighter, stronger and easer to use, the fairlead you need looks better and is lighter also. I say get the rope it's just better!
100% go with the rope, best thing I ever did. Doesn't bind on the drum near as bad as cable, never kinks, never gives you slivers, and is almost twice as strong as steel for the same diameter. I have winched my quad straight up a 5 foot embankment on the side of a river and no problems.
Thanks guys, I was leaning towards the rope and you guys made that decision easy.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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