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Synthetic Oil?

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is it ok to run synthetic oil in rubicon. i wasnt sure if it would mess up the clutches or anything. i have heard it helps the clutch but i have also heard that it hurts the clutch. anybody know for sure?
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i wouldnt think it would hurt it, poubly the better the oil the better it is for the bike since of the auto tranny. on my brute it dosent matter what you run in them because there isnt as many gears. BTW i forget what its called but the honda auto trannys have to run on a sertin oil because of the stuff in the oil. there cant be too much of something in the oil or it will mess up the tranny. sorry i cant remember.
The oil for Honda must NOT be energy conserving.Look for the symbol that has the viscosity,that's where it will say "energy conserving".By the way,I've never seen any 10W-40 that is energy conserving.
thanks for the input guys
thanks guys
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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