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Synthentic Rope

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I have a Gorilla 3000 and would like to change to synthetic Rope. Their website has 100ft of rope for $79.99. My question is will this fit on my drum?
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most winches will only hold 50ft. maybe 75ft. if it is small rope...

i don't know of any winches that will hold 100ft.
yes 50' is all you need. I got mine from don't go by the prices on the site, just give them a call on there 1-800 #
I don't remember the price, but it was under $100 and it comes with a 3ft rope protecter and a big open mouth hook already on it.
I have 50ft, I started to freak out when I was spooling mine on, I even cut the green thing off. I'm not sure if it would have fit with it on there but it fits without just fine.
that protector on the end is good to helped me out when i had to pull myself out of a hole around a tree.....i had the rope againest the tree and it didn't hurt it at all...

i paid $40 for two 50ft winch ropes....

i have one that is used if ya want it. i don't have a winch anymore...
I have a tree saver for that cra5h.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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