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based on 07 trx500fe ,

You only have x2 power curcuits on the Foreman, red wire coming from the battery that is spiced into another red wire. One feeds to the pink , which is primary curcuit for starter, lights. The other wire ( dont have my manual here to look at the schematic) feeds the fan curcuit.

All electric devices surge on power on , and some surge x3 the rated amps on startup, IE a 5 amp devices for a nano sec will pull 10+ amps at startup.

I would think that you would want the grips on its own curcuit, its own fuse, serperate from the other 2 curcuits. Basically wire to the battery with a inline fuse and on/off switch . That would isolate the grips power draw. Just remember to turn the switch off when not in use. Even if you did drain the battery down, you can still start the foreman with the pull start.

Also by wiring into its own curcuit , the dealers can't blame any issues on your add on , you aren't touching the factory wiring .

Just my x2 Cents , hope it helps..
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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