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SWLA & SETX ride this weekend

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Just wondering where everyone was riding at this weekend. I think we are going to make a night ride this Friday. Maybe in Kirbyville, TX also known as Call and the Forestry.

Also, does anyone know anything about Texas Hog Wallow. The website said that they're opening this weekend but I haven't heard anything about how many trails they got.
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dang if my bike wasnt being fixed right now id love to join yall, maybe next time yall go u will post and ill see and try to new to all of this trailriding and stuff like that, im use to riding highlines that is sticky mud that if u let off the throttle once while ur running down it ur stuck and you have problems cuz its all sticky mud the entire way, not really deep but sticky thick stuff
Our trails consist of mostly mud. Have you ever been to Marengo?
nah im pretty much new to all of this 4wheeler stuff, i have ridden them before at friends houses and stuff but just bought mine so now wanting to do some group rides, the only people i ride with is my cousin and he has a bone stock 07 bigbear 400IRS 4x4 with just mudlights on it, he doesnt go in some of the stuff i go in cuz of his tires but if it wasnt for those tires he would make it through some of the stuff i go in, maybe next time yall go riding you'll let me know, maybe not on a super hard mud ride but something a novice person like myself can manage........seen some of the pics from marengo and they are very knarly

if yalls bikes are super modified then i probably wont be able to hang with yall

i have a foreman 500s with 2 inch lift, lift springs, 27" vampires, and intake/snorkel exhaust

if that bike can make it when yall go ride next time let me know
No you got more mods than I do, you should have no problem.

I will definitely let you know about our next ride which should be next weekend. Hopefully you'll have you're bike ready. You're cousin should be alright too, I've seen mudlites go through alot of crap.
yea same here, but he is also kinda anal about his stuff, so i doubt he will want to go through anything deep since his bike isnt snorkeled or anything...i can barely get him to do a dang water wheelie in spots that has a hardbottom, he will play in the mud all day long as long as there isnt alot of mud, but next time yall go if he cant then i will still go and see what the hype is about, never been on a trail ride or anything so i dont know what to bring and what to prep for...maybe u can give me a few pointers
Who's ridin where this weekend? We have a group definitely going somewhere but wanted to see where everyone is riding. More than likely we will go to Call. I heard that Aug. 1st, Call will cost $8, you have to wear a helmet, no passengers, and no riding through the creeks.
is it like a park yall ride at in CALL, TEXAS? or just some private land? or public land?
I believe its state forest, maybe national. Its a fun place to ride, but doubt that we go back after the they implement the new rules.
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