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Switching from 2wd to 4wd button

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Hi there, me again

We a 3 friend on the same road that bought the Honda Foreman 500 S 4x4 and we were wondering if you need to be stop before switching to 4WD?

Is it switch by vaccuum ?

Me I preffer be stoped before switching, but what if I am in mud and 2wd and on 2nd gear?

Was just wondering cause it is not writing in the owner manual and would like some opinion of yours.

Thank's again!

Honda Foremen 500 S 4x4
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Cantley, Québec
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You can shift the button anytime you like .. But it won't engage unless the front & rear wheel speed is under 10KPH difference..The switch trips an electromagnetic mechanical clutch in the front diff.
Thank's for the fast reply and being really specific!

Thank you!

10kph converts to 6.2 mph for us Americans, jus an FYI
Robb The Professor .
Google the Professor...haha, I was kinda curious.
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