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how long is the 400 swingarm, i ask cause i ordered a longer one for my 500 but my friend has a 400 and he needs a swingarm i told him i would sell him mine if it wasn't way short compared to stock if it would even fit.
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The foreman 400 and 450 are the same lenght.
QUOTE ("muddin500":3dqh1huc)
that's 2.5 inchs to short
the old foreman swingarms are 16" long. That is the longest swingarm that u will fine unless u fab up a longer one yourself.
Ok I see now, thought you where giving him the 450 swingarm.
there are two bolts, one on each side of the swingarm. It will require a 17mm allen socket to remove them. You will have to remove the floorboards on each side of the bike, the bolts are right behind them under alittle plastic cover. The cover will just snap out with little pick or screwdriver. On an older machine, they can be sturbon to remove from rust and mud buildup.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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