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Swingarm Removal/UJoint fix

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Any of you guys taken off your swingarm? It looks like I broke the ujoint, and I need to get it all apart, looking at swingarm im not even sure where to start. Any tips or pointers?
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dang Robb your rought on that thing.

Remove your floorboards, there is a plastic insert in the frame at the pivot point of the swingarm, using a screwdriver pop them out, just remember which side has the locknut. You will need a 17mm allen socket and a long breaker bar. being a newer atv, a impact might break them loose. unhook the rear brakes and vent lines first.

Use a set of jack stands/blocks under the motor to hold the bike up with the rear wheels touching the ground. unbolt the shocks and take the pivot bolts out and the whole rear assem. will roll out.
Well i havent broke anything in quite some time. Got it all apart, and here is the carnage:

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Must be too much power. How'd ya do that?
E-mailed you Robb but I would send the whole thing to Turner Cycles. Daniel will rebuild that for around $150. He will make it a lot stronger, swingarm is 3" shorter than the 450's and I guess this is the culpret with the yokes breaking.
well before i can do anything I have to get the output shaft straigtend, I was planning on calling them tomorrow as I heard he has something out to stop these from breaking. What parts does he need sent to him?
QUOTE ("eustismudder":1n58ggc4)
Must be too much power. How'd ya do that?
I wish I could say I was plowing through 10feet of mud, but I was simply making a uturn in some sand and it popped.
not quite sure, I have to wait till ~Feb. so I wasn't paying real close attention. Plus, I have a real hard time understanding anything other than MN dialect.......
I just talked to Turner and the women who answered the phone couldn't give me any info so im waiting on a call back. What she did tell me was, they need the factory ujoint that they then convert to whatever. Funny thing is I told her I already broke the ujoint, and she said they can get me one for 58 bucks!! I just bought one for 30 from Service Honda.
Daniel from Turner called me back, basically he needs the factory ujoint and us uses the splines, and he uses a bigger ujoint and yoke, its $150 bucks.
there ya go, let us know how it turns out.
Robb what was that other thing on there site for $350. Was that them buy everything new and making it instead of senting them your old part?
Thats for bikes with a big lifts that need a longer driveshaft.
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