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Swingarm problem?

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Trying to locate the source of a noise in the swingarm area. For a while I have noticed a "clicking" sound that seems to be coming from the middle of the bike under the motor. If I stand on the pegs and rock side to side I hear this clicking sound. It sounds like two pieces of metal slipping past each other like if the frame was cracked and you were twisting the frame. I'm almost positive it's coming from the swingarm and it seems to be loudest right where the U joint is located. I can't see the joint being sloppy enough to make a noise when I rock the bike and not show up under use. First thought was the bearings but I can't see any play in the swingarm. I know I'll have to pull the swingarm and check everything out. Just wanted to get some suggestions from the experts before I tear into it.
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you might have to get some one to help you rock the bike to fine the problem, is sounds like your swing arm bearing have slack in them. you make be able to pull the plastic caps off and tighten them up alittle.
I'm hoping its just the swingarm bearings loose. Its hard to get the locknut tight without the special Honda tool. Usually I can see play in the swingarm when the bearings are loose or worn and this time I can't. Seems like its harder to find time to take the bike apart when I can still ride it.
Thanks for the reply.
as long as the lock nut is not rusted up or seized, a good size breaker bar and 17mm allen socket will break it loose. Once you have it set to where you want it a hammer and a long punch will lock it in good. Or if you have the time take the lock nut out and make a tool out of pipe or an old socket. All my atv specialty tools are custom made. I'm a poor boy, I can't aford the special tools and the mods for the bike
I had both pivot pins out and replaced the locknut when I had to weld up a busted frame. Even had a socket to make a tool for the locknut but when I finally put the swingarm back I just wanted to get back in action so I used the hammer and punch.
This time I'll spend a little time with the grinder and add the new tool to my collection.
Both my foreman 400 and 450 would make the sound you describe and both time for me were the bearings in the swingarm. I would raise the bike by the rear bumper and wiggle the rear tire and could notice the play by moving it foreward and backwards, you'll also notice the swingarm tube having play.
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