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Swingarm problem

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Anyone ever had this problem with their swingarm. Its been this way for a while and doesn't seem to be getting any worse. There is a welded cross member so i don't think it can come apart. Should I try to tighten it back up, I'm afraid it will just work itself back out because of how its welded.
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if i recall correctly, mine looks the exact same as that i think...when i bought my bike it had a slight squek everyone on the bike and i took a grease gun and put grease on everything that moves and i think that my swingarm looked like that and i just stuck grease on it...i figured once it breaks then i will figure out how to fix it, but until then ill leave it be

hope that helped somewhat
Both my Ruby and now my Foreman look the same way, I wouldn't worry about it. They probably look like this from dealer, just never look.
A lot of bikes look different .. 1 side is a solid pivot and the other side is adjustable to apply the proper torque on the swingarm bearings this causes the crack between the frame and swingarm to be different on almost every bike ..
For reference my new 07 with about 40 miles on it measured right at 1/16" on each side.
All of the gap is on the right side as you look at it from the rear. On the left side there is almost no gap.

Thanks for the replies, doesn't sound like I should worry to much about it.
Look at the pivots while you rock the bike sideways. If there isn't any play in the bearings you are fine. If the swingarm moves sideways on the pivots you can re torque the adjustable pivot bolt. Just so you know... heres what it looks like if it does seperate.
Do I adjust the pivot bolt from the left side or the right (as you look at it from the rear). It looks like you can get to the left side fairly easy but if its the right side I may have to take off brake cables.
On my bike the adjustment was on the brake cable side so yours is probably the same. You can tell because there is a lock nut that you will need a special honda tool to remove. You can also remove the locknut with a punch and hammer. Best to have a new one on hand to install when you retorque the pivot. Like I said in the earlier post, if there is no play at the pivot there is no need to adjust. If there is play and it is still there after you re torque, you will need to replace the swingarm bearings.
There is no play so I will leave alone for now. Hope you weren't to far out when your swingarm came apart. That doesn't look like a fun fix. Thanks for the advice.
mine did that and there was alot of play in mine..... almost to the point it came off ..... I just took it up to the dealership and they fixed it for me since it takes a special tool to tighten it up completely.... i thought I had it tight enough but it wasn't.
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