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Swingarm Measurement?

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Can someone be so kind as to go measure there rear swingarm on a 450, from the pivot bushing thing to the center of the rear axle.
Reason being is, a 500 swingarm as 13.5 inches, and I have reason to believe the 450 is longer, you can see where Im going with this. Also can you measure from bushing to bushing. Might be an easy way for a longer swingarm
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I checked into this for another guy with a ruby,since the the swingarms are so short. From the pivot point to the center of the axle is 16" and at the swingarm bearings measure end to end about 10.5" or should I say side to side. Its under $200 for the swingarm tube wtih bearings and the rear drive shalf. But you will also need longer brake cables, maybe foreman 450 shocks. Not for sure on the shocks

Hopes this helps
Thanks, that helps a lot.
I think i'm gonna atemp to do that after the new year are you going to robb or are they different side to side
I was to lazy to go back and measure mine side to side, but i think it will fit. I priced all the parts needed, all the nuts, bolts, washers, etc, and it was $215. Not a bad deal if it works out. Still have to figure out the brake cable deal though, hopefully there is an easy fix for that too.
if everything else fits, Also you should be able to reuse your swing are pivot bolts. The 450 brake cables should take care of that issue as well.
good thinking of the 450 cables, gonna have to do some measuring.
robb does it measure up? if to narrow would be easly shimed i would imagine if to wide do know if could get to work exactly without some extensive modification. hmmm
it measures right up, would fit perfectly.
well i might just be doing this cause i like my lift that would put those 29.5 back off the fenders
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