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Swingarm Bearings

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My swingarm bearings are out again on my rancher 350. The factory bearings lasted almost 4 years, i guess i should have replaced them with another set of factory bearings but i went with a moose set that didnt even last a year. I thought that the moose bearings were sealed but they are not. They just have an outer rubber seal like the factory ones had. Are there any companies that make a set of sealed bearings for the rancher?

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I responded to your post on this on another forumn and i'd say the same thing here too regarding the seals.
Yeah, the moose kit came with new seals and back plates. I used plenty of grease. I just think the moose kit was that low of a quality bearing. I think I am going to try the All Balls kit because they are supposed to be completely sealed.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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