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swing arm

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sorry for going off topic but I really need some good advice with a 1989 trx300 fourtrax. the ujoint going to the rearend is out and i dont know what size of allen wrench to get to take the swing arm off or if i even have to take it off. any help would be great.
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If I remember right the 300 swing arm also takes a 17mm allen to remove the swing arm bolts, but not a 100% sure. Being an older bike you may not be able to break them loose from rust or maybe even damage the treads in the frame getting them out.

The u-joint can be changed without taken the swing arm off. You can unbolt the rear end assem from the swing arm as a unit and roll it out of the way on the tires. Just slide the driveshalf and joint out the rear of the swing arm tube. Loosen the swing arm boot clamp that hooks to the engine to help push off the old joint and line up the new one on install.
Thanks Dirty4man I had looked at that this afternoon but was not sure the u-joint would fit through the tube. This site is a great asset for people that like to do things themselves. Thanks again and I will let you know when it is up and running.
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