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Well after going through and making sure the box is watertight I decided to give the creek a shot tonight.

It has been raining/sleeting for the past couple of days and the creek is really high. The ice gave away and down she went, I gave her a little juice to get front up and she just kept going. Really, really deep with no snork. Over seat when I bumped throttle to get front up.

I know it's nothing compared to what you southern boys do but I don't have a snork. Just kind of pumped...........had to share with people who might understand my kind of excitement.........
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I sure you hope you had some waders on! That had to have been cold!!!
Yeah it was cold, 30 F, but I love it. Did you get your yoke back yet?
I just put in another stocker, im to cheap right now to fork out another 150 bucks for the other one. Plus i was thinking if I beef up that ujoint, then more then likely something is gonna break somewhere else, and I really would rather a ujoint break then anything else.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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