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can i fit 27 s with just a 2in lift and stock rims or do ijust need tostay with 26s
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It's been said that the 27's mesure 28. A 2 inch lift will be needed if your a bigger guy. I have a set of 28 mud bugs on mine with hl springs and the Perfex lt kit and I trimed an inch off my back finders and they still don't fit real well, but if you weight a buck 25 you will be fine.
i have a lift kit on order, will they fit on stock rims 27x10 12 and 27x12x12
Yes they will fit. We need pictures when you get them on!!
I got 27" Swamplites on my 450ES. I had a 2" lift on when I put the tires on. No rubbing at all and I am about 275 pounds. Then I had to take the lift off of the front because of axle issues and it would rub a little, usually when turning hard at accelerated speeds. So yes, you can use them before you put your lift on, but I would recommend the lift first.
yes they will fit
Hey Big Dog your accessories look familiar................
Lots of people on here have the same ones? The wheel and tire combo should ring a bell!
i have 27's on stock rims with no lift and they don't scrub at all
ill post pics which is better swamplites or mud lites as far as wearing goes
They say mud lites wear better.
I didn't go the lift route b/c of being here in Alaska where fixing broken axles can be more than just a headache. I put on 27" Swamplites and they measure a little better than 28"s. I just trimmed the rear fenders to fit and took a hammer to the front fender supports to shape them appropriately. No rub here except on hard landings after going airborne and that's with me weighing 240lbs.

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they will fit without the lift. the only thing i had to do was bend the fender brackets in a lil bit.
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