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Swamplites for 04 foreman 450

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I was looking at getting 27" Swamplites for my Foreman. I was just wandering if the tires were any good in mud?, do they get good traction in mud, sand, hard ground? etc.........
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My buddy has 25's on his and they do good all around. I would not get them if you wanted a "mud" tire but for everything else there great. I think the bigger tires have deeper lugs also. That might help in the mud.
my cousin has some 27's on his foreman and he likes them, they ride real smooth on the trail and do pretty good in the mud
My mother in law has them on her 450 Kodiak and they go realy well. A guy we ride with has the 27" on his Grizzly and the lugs are a lot deeper than the 25". He went through every mud hole that the guys with the Mud lites went through. He is well pleased with them.
country boy, west liberty is that in casey county

liberty is in casey county. i think west liberty is east. somewhere in eastern ky. sounds screwed up.

hows that melted snorkel. working out all right for you? i think i may try to ride tomorrow. itll be my first time since i dislocated my shoulder. it still hurts bad, but i miss it.
haha still pickin melted black plastic off the head but otherwise nifty
Yeah your right, it's in East Ky. The county is Morgan Co. I'm around an hour away from Lexington. I'm originaly from Sandy Hook wich is in Elliott Co. and about 20 minutes away from where I live now. Here is a link to my in-laws web site with pics of some of our rides.
Looks like some beautiful country to ride in.
Yeah it's real nice, especialy in the fall. Everything from rolling green hills to white lime stone cliffs, Ridge tops to valley creek crossings. I better not forget about the mud holes.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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