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Swamp Witches mounted on my 500 Foreman Pics

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I finally got my swamp witches mounted on my 500 Foreman. These are my first mud tire ive owned.......and as far as i can tell they kick a#$ in mud! i went riding today and couldnt find a mud hole that i could get stuck in. Size is 26x10-12, 26x12-12 and they measure a true 26" tall which is awsome! pics are below, ill take some more soon beacuse these are not very good. let me know what you guys think!
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They look good, how do they ride?
Nice lookin' tire! What did they cost?
i bet i got a hole you can get stuck in...haha
you need to come riding with us if you want to find some holes that'll stick ya
They seem to ride fine, but i havent got the tire pressure the way i want it. I got them for $255 shipped off ebay. Oh and where i ride the mud holes are very big, im sure if i went riding with you guys i could get stuck very easily!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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