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swamp witch tires

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i'm stuck between getting the swamp witch or the highlifter mst. almost the same tire except the witch is a much cheaper price. whatta ya'll think? also i'm gonna try to go 26x10-12 in the front and 26x12-12 in the rear on my stock 07 foreman wheels. will these mount up? i think the front wheel is 7.5 wide and thats my only concern. thanks for any help i can get!!
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yes they will fit. they are the same tire but the MST's do leave a more flat profile, to some people that is important and to some it isnt. a couple months ago i was looking for swamp witches/MST's on ebay, i was finding some good deals on there. i am in need of a truck now so tires are on hold for now.
i was wrong. i just checked and my wheels are 6x12 in front and 7.5x12 in rear. still think the 26x10 and 26x12 will fit???
you should be fine, i have had 10" on the front and 12" on the rear on stock wheels before.
ok, i think i'll order them, thanks!
tell us how you like them! looking at a set for next fall
i have 27x10x12 front and 27x12x12 rear swampwitches they are awsome
They are good tires....I had a set of 27"s on my 500 but they just wore out to quik with all of the on road driving I do!
Swamp Witch all the way! I found them at for $680, 27's on rattlesnakes to the door. They pull great with a smooth ride!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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