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Swamp Witch tires?

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Well its about time to buy some new tires for my 500 Foreman 4x4, stockers are getting boring haha. Been looking around, and the swamp witches caught my eye. Does anybody have experience with them? pros? cons? I can get them of ebay for $268 shipped for a set of 26x10-12 / 26x12-12. Where else can i get these of the internet? thanks for your help!
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i saw a person have 26" on a rincon and i thought they did pretty good. they did good on the trails and in the mud they also did good. i think there a good tire but i realy dont know how they wear. im sure there are alot of places that sell them, just type it on google.
i have a buddy with 26 on his 450es and he has around 1500 miles on his barely look worn they are an awesome all around tire
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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