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Swamp Lites or Mud Lite XL's, either 26's or 27's

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I am either gonna buy Swamp Lites or Mud Lites Xl\'s. Which would you recommend. Also I am debating between a 26 or a 27. I want to run 10\' wide up front and 12\'s in the rear. But will they rub on a stock 05 Foreman?
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27's will not rub and between the two I would go with the mudlites!
Get the 27's. I had 26's on mine and was not happy. The 27's fit with no problem at all!
love my 27" mudlites
Love my 26"mudlite XL's 10 wide front 12 wide rear....
I love my Swamplites.
crin do you know what the lug depth is on the swamp lites. about a inch?
27" Swamp Lites on an 07 Foreman Had to trim a little off the rear fenders, but it wasn't much. 10" wide on the front and 12" on the rear.

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Ring King, are those 14 inch wheels though? They look big. I can't figure out why some guys say yes it will fit and others say mine rubs. The only other variable other that rider weight/suspension would be wheel size.
I would say they are an inch maybe a bit larger, but not by to much more, I'll try and get out side and get an actual measurement for ya. For the time being here are a couple close ups.
Nah, they're 12 inch rims. I measured my rims and tires when they came in b/c the fronts looked different than the back. The fronts measured at 27" like they were supposed to, but the backs measured almost 28.25" or so. I know I coulda deflated them and lowered em down a bit, but I just left em for now.

I had to bend in the front fender supports with a mallet to keep the fronts from rubbing in hard turns, and on the back I had to trim a little off the edge of the fender. They still rub when I hit big dips at high speeds. Some of the guys use a heat gun on the fenders to flare them out a little so they don't rub. You might try that if you're looking to get away from the cutting. I just went ahead and did it the easy way. Good ole Dremel tool.
What p.s.i are you running?
I haven't even checked em? I ordered the bigfoot kit from traxms and just bolted em on and went. I guess I really should do that!!
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