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swamp lite

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how well do thses tires preform in deep mud and snow
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I have been reading alot of reveiws on these tires and they seem great. I'm accually buying some to give them a run. So if anyone else can give some first hand feedback that would be killer.

i also think they do good, but i have found that they do not climb hills very good.
Just got 26 in. swamplights on last weekend. I haven't given them a true test, but I'm going to West Virginia on a trail ride the first weekend in August. I should put well over 100 miles on them and be able to provide a little more insight into how they perform when I get back.
i saw 27s on a big bear 400 and they do alright. when you get in deep mud they dont do anything though. they are really an all terrain tire more than a mud tire.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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