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Swamp lite tires

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I have been looking at the Interco swamp lite, ITP mud lite xtr, and GBC dirt tamers. I haven't herd any feedback on the swamp lite tires, I'm going with the 26" tires. I ride on rocky sand (greasy when wet) primarily but I plow snow in the winter. I'm concerned with the life of the tire the most, I don't want to be buying tires every year which is what the stock tires are lasting.
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the xtrs are radials so you'l get awesome thread life out them
the GBCs are all right, guy i know has them and hes gettin good wear and handling from them.
the Swamp Lites wear fast on hard pack trails but those are the best mudders out of them 3.
They don't pull too bad in the snow either!

I've got about 100 miles on these with riding hard pack for the first 50 and snow with ice for the second 50. Very little signs of wear at all. I guess I'll know more shortly. This is the first set of swamp lites I've owned, but they really seem to be pretty good for an all around tire.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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