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swamp lite questions

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hey how do yall like tthe swamp lites . i heard they wear fast? do they work good in mud, and how would they compare to a 28 inch mud lite?? if they were also 28 ,do they measure true? thanks guys and girls
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I have swamplites...They do wear very fast...I will not buy them again...
The swamplites are pretty good in mud until you get into real thick stuff then they will cake up which is why I will be getting some 27 outlaws in the mail tommorow. They do not measure true to size they run a little big.
QUOTE ("GaRedClay":3qn20312)
I have swamplites...They do wear very fast...I will not buy them again...
You have MUD LITE NOT Swamp Lites
does the swamplites leave a big print and tear up the ground?
The only time I have noticed them tearing up the ground is when turning sharp in the grass in my yard then its only the backs since they both turn the same speed. They do ride great but I am getting rid of mine because I would rather have a rough ride and get through mud better than have a smooth ride.
I agree about the swamplites not being anygood. I think that stock tires could go through more mud!
i got zillas and lovem in the mud i just need something to put on when at the ranch im goin to order some swamplites tomarrow thanks for the help. im keepin the zillas for muddin just goin to have 2 sets.
the swamp lites aint that bad. yea they wear fast but they dig pretty good. i was happy with them. sellin them tho to get outlaws tho lol
so far around the yard and in the pasture I love them! I was pulling my 6x10 trailer loaded with some old barn wood that I had stored in the Big Barn and the cows keep the ground soft and full of crap, I put her in 4wd and had to pound on the gas because the trailer wheels was sunk in the soft crappy ground The Swamp Lites are the only reason I did not have to walk to the house and get the truck. Good Tires
i got my swamp lites yesterday and i really like them. doesn't tear up the ground like my zillas and way smoother when riding on the ranch
I have had mine for about 6 months and there has been no wear hardl at all. I have only put about 200 miles on them. If you don't ride on the road, they should last a long time, but then again, you shouldn't be riding on the road anyway! LOLOL Happy ridin!
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