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SuperTrapp IDS2 and jetting???

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The OEM muffler finally died and I was able to get a IDS2 (race core) at a really good price as a replacement. Currently I have my foreman setup with a 1.5in snorkle and the rest is stock.

So there are serveral questions:
1. Is there anyone that is running a 1.5in snorkle and a IDS2?
2. If so, what was the jetting/kit that you used and the air filter used.

Thanks for the help!
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i'm not snorkeled yet but I have an ISD2 and K&N filter and dyno jet kit. the instructions tell you what jet to run based on altitude and add-ons. This is always a good place to start and give you a good teeking point to start with.
Was there a noticeable change in performance after the install of the KN and jet kit? Looks like we have similar machine setups so I'm very interested in any lessons learned.

Yello i am running 1.5" custom snorkel and custom exhaust, but I am using a oem 135 jet instead of the dyno jet kit. This jet should put you close with some minor adjustments on the stock needle and air/fuel mixture. Most any atv shop will carry the oem replacement jets for around $3-$5
Thanks for the info Dirty! I'll look around at some other dealers but the first dealer I called said that didn't have any and would have to order them at $8.99 ea!

I called Dynojet and the guy on the phone stated that they sell the individual jets they just to have them on the website. So OEM or Dynojet main? ?
That's alittle high for oem jets. I have had better luck using oem jets on different bikes. The only thing about buying single dyno jets is that you still need the dyno needle to go with them. on the oem jet you can still use the stock needle.
Well I finally got the new IDS2 muffler installed and I can say that this is a great sounding exhaust! I'm ordering a 132, 135 and 138 mains mostly just to have the ability to adjust. I'll start out with the 135 and work from there.

I was getting some backfiring BEFORE the new exhaust was installed; its still there but not has frequent on deaccel has before. I'm going to adjust the fuel mix screw and see if that helps. Before during de-accel I would get a slow speed "POP" and produce a little flame.
Well, finally get it all worked out with the installation of the 135 main and the wheeler is running great. It has a improved performance and sounds great if not a little loud. Just puttin' around the sound is mellow but she will SING when you really get on the gas.

I think is may look into a quite core for running in national forest areas.
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