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supertrapp 500 foreman

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does anyone know how many plates i should run i have 170 jet and the jet kit, [email protected] and it came with 18 plates im just havind a hard time to fine the best number of plates, or the best way to tune it thanks
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im not sure but i think that when i got my supertrapp i had 12 disc in it, thats all it came with, but ive been wrong before
mine also came with 12 maby they made a mistake or something. the more disks you put in the more back pressure you will have and the less disks you have will make less back preasure. you will just have to mess around with it and see what giveds you more power. on my rubicon about 99% of the time i didnt have any in it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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