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Superlight Supergrip Tires

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Has anybody ever heard of these tires? They look identical to Mudlites. Dealer says they have very good rim protection and are more durable than the mudlites at about $100.00 cheaper for full set of 27's.
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I have seen a few sets and they look just like the mudlites. They seem to be a good all around tire just like the mudlites. The rim guards are always a big help.
Thanks for the reply on the tires and 400 wheels. My plan is to mount 27" Supergrips on the ITP SS wheels ,10's on front 12's rear. I figure they should clear with the lift and springs. With the low gearing on this bike I think that power should not be a problem even with no perf mods.
Does this sound reasonable?
Would I be pushing it too far to go with 28" Mudlites instead?
You will be fine with this setup, my wife is running 27" zilla's on her foreman 400 with just a clutch kit and spins them fine.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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