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I am new to this forum although I have been visiting it as a guest. I have a 2006 Foreman 500 S and hate my stock tires. I intend on putting the heavier springs on but no lift kit. I ride mostly trails and mud with some climbing. I can't picture myself getting too heavy into the severe mudding or swimming my atv. My old bones wouldn't keep up. I have been considering some tires and rims. I am leaning towards either the Outlaw MST's or Super Grip Super Light tires. I don't see very much information about the Super Grip tires. I took them to be an improved MudLite tire that would handle more hard surface riding without wearing out. I try to stay off the roads but my son borrows it and he isn't so picky where he rides.
My tires I'm considering include are: MST's, Swamp-Lites, Super Grip Super Lights, 589's, and Good Year Mudrunners, in no certain order. I really like the looks of the ITP type 7 clear coat and some of the ITP SS Alloy wheels. Are either of these rims super hard to clean or do the tarnish or rust easily. I don't know what the alloys are made from. I know these recommendations get old after while but I'm new so give me a break to start.
I forgot to add, I am planning on 26 inch tires to make it last longer mechanically. Some tire manufacturers don't make a narrow front tire in 26 inch. My stocks are 25x8x12/25x10x12 and I think I will have to change the front to a range of 9-10 inch wide fronts and 10-12 inch rear tires. What are the recommendations to still allow smooth steering and not make a huge increase in strain on the rear axle? I posted this on Highlifter's forum and after that I noticed these other tires, Dirt Devil II Thanks, Randy
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