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Super Grip Super Lights or what?

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I am new to this forum although I have been visiting it as a guest. I have a 2006 Foreman 500 S and hate my stock tires. I intend on putting the heavier springs on but no lift kit. I ride mostly trails and mud with some climbing. I can't picture myself getting too heavy into the severe mudding or swimming my atv. My old bones wouldn't keep up. I have been considering some tires and rims. I am leaning towards either the Outlaw MST's or Super Grip Super Light tires. I don't see very much information about the Super Grip tires. I took them to be an improved MudLite tire that would handle more hard surface riding without wearing out. I try to stay off the roads but my son borrows it and he isn't so picky where he rides.
My tires I'm considering include are: MST's, Swamp-Lites, Super Grip Super Lights, 589's, and Good Year Mudrunners, in no certain order. I really like the looks of the ITP type 7 clear coat and some of the ITP SS Alloy wheels. Are either of these rims super hard to clean or do the tarnish or rust easily. I don't know what the alloys are made from. I know these recommendations get old after while but I'm new so give me a break to start.
I forgot to add, I am planning on 26 inch tires to make it last longer mechanically. Some tire manufacturers don't make a narrow front tire in 26 inch. My stocks are 25x8x12/25x10x12 and I think I will have to change the front to a range of 9-10 inch wide fronts and 10-12 inch rear tires. What are the recommendations to still allow smooth steering and not make a huge increase in strain on the rear axle? I posted this on Highlifter's forum and after that I noticed these other tires, Dirt Devil II Thanks, Randy
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Going with 26x10x12 front and 26x12x12 rear, you will get a better riding machine. It will be more stable on sideways hills and better bite in the mud and ruts. Tires and wheels are mostly preference. If you do not plan to get into serious mud then you don't need the 589's, they are a little heavier than the other tires. Super Lites, Swamp Lites, Mudlite XLs, and MST's would be the better of the choices for a descent mud tire and great trail tires. Take a look at the Swamp Fox Plus made by AMS, it is a very good tire and wears very well. I have 27x10x12 and 27x12x12 Mudlite XLs and have about 1500 miles on them (trails, mud, and alot of blacktop) and they still have 90% tread on them. I also have Highlifter XL2 wheels. They look great and are low maintenance on cleaning, wipe right off. Hope this has helped in some way. Good luck with your decisions.
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I'm running 27" Super Lights ( 10 & 12 " ) and really like them. They are very light for their size and handle great on hardpack and gravel. They are a little rough when they start rolling but this smooths out quickly. Work well in the bog and clear easily. We don't have the thick "peanut butter" mud so I can't comment on the performance in that.
They do wear better than Mud Lites as I put them on about the same time as my buddy put Mud Lites on his new Rubi. The difference in wear is easily seen with virtually identical mileage and I ride much more aggressively than he does. The rim gard is also a nice feature.
IMO the SS wheels are awesome. Extremely light and very strong. They look great and you can't beat the lifetime warranty. Easy to clean as they are clear coated. They will pick up scratches but's a quad!
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