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sunk foreman

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so...i was goin in some deep water over my front rack and foreman died under water. floated it out and choked it and it started up. so i thought everything was ok. today i noticed my oil was real milky and my fan wont turn on. wat all do i need to drain besides my oil? and is there anything i need to look out for? ...thanx
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I would check the oil in the front and rear Differentials. Also after draining the engine thorougly, put fresh oil in and run it for a while to warm it up, then drain it again. You want to flush out the oil cooler and lines. You may have to repeat this a couple of times. until the oil comes out clear. You might want to add some alcohol additive to the fuel and run with the fuel tank in the reserve position to use fuel from the bottom of the tank, or consider draining the fuel tank. (To remove any water that might be in your fuel)

Check the brakes for water in the drums also. (Through the inspection plug) you may have to pull the drums and clean and dry the brakes.
been there

yea, done that a few times. be ready to change the oil anywhere form 3-8 times to get all the water out. my buddy swamped his out the other weekend and we had to change the oil 9 times before it quit looking like chololate milk.
After it sits a while all of the water should settle to the bottom. Maybe try changing it cold, with out stirring up the water and oil together for the first few times. Just a thought, but worth a try.
fill the engine with 1/2 mineral spirts and 1/2 cheap car oil in it and turn over for 3 minutes (with the spark plug wire off) and then drain oil and the cooler out and fill with honda oil. changing the oil 8 times is very$$$$ and doesnt make sense. the car oil works fine for this and is a not $4 a quart. check oil and change oil the next 50 miles .

this will only work if the water was not muddy! muddy water means a you need to remove the motor and tear most of it apart and clean with solvent and compressed air .
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