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Sunk foreman wont start

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I sunk my foreman in a substantial ammount of water. Replaced oil, filter, & plug, Checked for spark, ok, Removed carb & cleaned works fine, Cleaned out cylinder w/ carb choke cleaner. Still wont start. New member Please help!
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My 400 died in deep water yesterday and would start but not keep running. Turned out to be water in the gas tank and/or carb. Have you drained the tank and replaced the gas? It takes very little water in the gas to keep the bike from running.
No i havent drained my tank but i did shut off the fuel valve and turned it over w/o the spark plug in replaced the plug then sprayed starting fluid in the carb wouldnt start or run just bobble
pull the choke out and try it once you get it to idle let it idle for a minute then keep playin with choke/throttle till you get it to rev out
rev out: as in being able to push the throttle all the way with out it dyin out it will probaly die out a couple time so just keep playin with it you might have to floor the throttle and push the choke back in at the same thime or vice versa just whatever works just keep tryin to floor it til it will let you then there you go
rollover i tried all of that and it still wont start. could there be something wrong elec. I may have foule the new plug due to carb cleaner still being in the jug but it doesnt seem to bobble every 4th stroke ??????
fuse blown?
Check all fuses and electrical connections. If you got water in the crank case 1 oil change won't get all the water out and when flushing the motor don't waste any oil filters. You will have to flush out 4 - 7 times. Check differentials as well they may have water in them too!
checked diffs. no blown fuses....the only thing that is blown is my mind..exp. mech. race fab. that cant solve a simple puzzle could have my crank angle sensor gone bad, how do i check, that would cause off time ignition???
i guess i am an idiot but everythime i sunk mine before i snorkeled it i would do what i told you to do and it would enetually crank back but **** thats up to you
check your mufler stand bike up and see if water dumps out with bike up try and start it will probley dump water
I too sunk mine once and had her back running in 10-15 mins. Same thing with my lil bros Foreman...Had them running before we left the banks of the very holes that tried to claim them.

Have you checked for spark at the plug or plug wire. If no spark check the on/off switch it may have water in it.
gotta be somethin with the spark plug i think that or you got a loose plugg or you are S O L
i turned my bike up on its end and forgot to turn the fuel off and still had the overflow tube plugged and the fuel ran into my air filter and caused it not to start untill i pulled it off and cleand the filter out i guess it was causing it to flood maybe you should check your air filter.
I must say that this is a great site but more than the site the comm. is wonderful. I appriciate everybodys help, its always good to have reasuring opinions when you are dealing w/ a situation where there could be so many problems. Thank you
thanks for the info.. since im a retard about water in the 4wheeler..

I sank mine this weekend and drained h20 out of breather box wasnt up to the filter lol. wouldnt start couldnt pull the plug in the swamp right there and was riding with a passenger. We sat there for atleast 30 min. it finally started and died started and died. choke on choke off idleing dieng. finally after it burnt all the water out of the gas it was back to normal. Tell me how tuff a honda is.
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