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Sunk 450 Foreman

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I know this has been posted before but I can seem to find it. My wife sank her 450 yesterday in a 5 ft hole. Everything went under snorkel and all. What is the best way to flush the engine? Any and all help is needed. My buddy also sunk hes Rhino which has a 6inch lift and 28fives on it in a 6 foot hole and had 2 gallons of water in the engine. We did get a heck of a picture of it.
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first things should drain the oil!!!!really well,including all diff's and air box.put in new oil and filter, and change about 3 or 4 times...diff's should be good with two changes...dry air filter and re oil..change plug and it should be good to go..let me know how you make out...
yeah the most important thing is to make sure there inst any water or dirt left in the crankcase otherwise youll screw up the rings when running. did you get any pictures of it?
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