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spoke with "Lumpy" ,,he put in at 5A rode up to Maytown Rd,, said ..No dust at all ,, water on main trail ( big Puddels) he might go out by Moose pond and scope it out ,,,he said it doesnt seem to be a whole lot wetter than last week far....

If ya want to Ride and play in the wetness 5A sounds good.. If all ya want to do isride in Butt deep water all day ,,,,, well I dont know what to tell ya.

I like to ride to all the Cool spots and play in the water holes & mud holes then Hit Rock pond for a swim & wash off !

We almost always ride 20+miles easy, sometimes much more,,, All dependson the mood of the Gang !!!

Round Man

Ps: if Lumpy calles with another report I will post it......
1 - 6 of 21 Posts
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