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sunday ride

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ok well got a scaggle to come riding so where we riding and whos going?
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I am in
Where ya going,,,,can I tag along? as long as your not going to Montana or something like that !.......LOL!
not sure yet, but i think 5A is still a bit dry. Round Man you are more then welcome!
Thanks Robb

Iwas thinking .......Montana wouldent be all that bad......LOL!

I was going to do 5A agan, but would rather do some place differant.
Let me know where & when & the Round one will show up.
I hope the man at gator axle is open late tomorrow so he can service my axle..... that is only if my boots come in...
are you suree there isnt water out there it has been down pooring over here.
there was a litte water there last sunday, might be a little better then it was then, but they needed a lot of water.
Well, I know FO SHO 5A got a BUNCH of rain Wednesday, I was watching it on the radar. It, more than likely, got some rain yesterday too!
might be worth a try....we got a turd floater her yesterday,,almost got stuck in my front yard......& i was walking !!!

well gator axle is closed for the rest of the day... does anyone have a band tool for cv boot bands? I think I lost mine
CV Pros still around? Look up CV Joints or something in the yellow pages.
more rain is on the way!!!!!!!!! I gotta find someway to fix my axle boot

hope to see some of you bastards Saturday night at the bar for the me biatches

see ya, im out
so where we going? And whos coming? Maybe 5A got some good rain these past couple days
Im in! 5A better be deep girlies!
Hey Ya'll

my Buddy "Lumpy" is doing a night ride tonight... he said he he would call me tonight & let me know "Waaaaaasup"

I'll call him now!

Round Man
spoke with "Lumpy" ,,he put in at 5A rode up to Maytown Rd,, said ..No dust at all ,, water on main trail ( big Puddels) he might go out by Moose pond and scope it out ,,,he said it doesnt seem to be a whole lot wetter than last week far....

If ya want to Ride and play in the wetness 5A sounds good.. If all ya want to do isride in Butt deep water all day ,,,,, well I dont know what to tell ya.

I like to ride to all the Cool spots and play in the water holes & mud holes then Hit Rock pond for a swim & wash off !

We almost always ride 20+miles easy, sometimes much more,,, All dependson the mood of the Gang !!!

Round Man

Ps: if Lumpy calles with another report I will post it......
QUOTE ("deadmullet":11g546m7)

hope to see some of you bastards Saturday night at the bar for the me biatches

see ya, im out
Are they getting UF game (although I guees it will be a UCF game there)??? May be worth the trip we were gonna just head to Beef's to see it.........
lumpy just called from Moose Pond... says its a pond again!

he said the water is up to the burned out truck ,, by the split when you leave the pond......

Me thinks Me is gunna do 5A Sat

Round Man
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