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sumpthin rong

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yesterday while i was ridin my 450 es it started sputerin i thought trash in the carb then it stalled on me 2wice and brought it back home and truned it off for a while and cranked it back up and idled up to it rev limit and i wasnt touchen the gas then this mournin when i woke up i tryed starten it and it wont crank up
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Turn your gas on
QUOTE ("foreman lover":29mvr4jt)
Turn your gas on
LOL, I can't laugh at that, I forgot to turn my gas on a few times, but I was just ridin around the yard and not out on the trails.
it is on
You may have a cracked float. The same thing happens to Railroader two weeks ago and that was his problem......A float costs like $40!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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