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suicide knob

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Is it possible to build a shifter for a standard foreman? One like they have on the motorcyclyes. I would like it so i am able to shift with my foot and when im under water i wana use a hand shifter so i dont have to get my feet wet, has anyone built one of these?
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They make something like that in Rocky Mountian mag.
I just Googled Atv Hand Shifter and found a lot of different places that sell them. Easy to make but only about $20.00 to buy.
I used to have one on my Rancher and although it worked very well,I removed it soon afterwards becuse it vibrated a lot and I was worried that it would wear out the shift fork.That long hand lever seems to put alot of extra stress on the foot shifter.
guy i know did it b/c his ES went out...piece of pipe about 3ft long came up next to the tank...i tired to get him to paint it and add a skull to the top with some red led's as eyes but he wouldn't do it...
nice crash u should do that to your foreman it might run better lol jk.. skulls make everthing look kick ass...
my bike runs better than yours

i will have to get some video of the crap i put this thing through, you would be amazed.

i purposely try to get this big bitch stuck sometimes and i can't...

and when i don't want to get stuck and make it through the sum-bitch sinks into the nastiness.

hondas rock!
crash... i hear ya.. i put mine through **** to... for a stock foreman...
do you have any regrets with the mudlites?

they just don't look aggressive in my opinion.

my uncle is thinking of getting them for his, i told him to wait and talk to someone who has them first.
no i havent had any problems tell i found that hole... i got like 500 in rims and tires... they dig good when they have bout 3psi all the way around.. i got 10s in front and 12s in back..
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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