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Stuck the Rubicon...

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for the first time today. I had my digital camera with me, and I planned to record it...but when I was stuck and the wheeler died on me in the middle of the hole, I decided I should stop screwin around and get the exhaust out from under the water.

What happened: I was riding around in D2 2WD mode, and the hole looked the same as the previous 3 or 4 that I had went through in 2WD. It wasn't the same. As soon as i dropped off into it, the rear end sunk, and i put it in 4x4, but it was too late. I winched out, set my camera up, and came back for more, only in 4WD Low-range this time.

Here's the video of me going back through it...sorry I didnt get stuck again . This is the hole that showed me I need a clutch kit lol, you can hear it bog down a pretty good bit right in the middle of the hole.

EDIT: Sorry about the branch, the only place I saw to set the camera was in a tree where it separated into a "V" shape. Oh, and I think the mud was worse than it looks, now that I've watched it on the computer...I lost both shoes walking over to hook the winch up to a tree lol, had to go back and dig them up.
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When I click on it, it says " Oops, No Video "
drive slow threw that mud
Bowhunt, see if this direct link works. I dunno why that one isn't working for you, it works for me..if it doesn't work still, you aren't missin' much

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... V00219.flv</a>
Awsome sound effects!
Todd, are you referring to the fact that I added no sound effects? If so, I didn't feel the need to do any editing, because I just wanted to get the hole on video.
Worked good for me. Cool Rims, They sure look sharp.
Thanks Putang
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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