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stuck in gear

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I got my foreman about 3 weeks ago and installed a snorkel. when i was finished i crunk it up and drove it around. as soon as i hit the brakes the shifter light flashed twice and wont let me shift. unless i turn the key off and crank it back up. but as soon as i touch the brakes it does it again. could i have pulled a wire loose? has anyone else had this problem, and what did you have to do to fix it.
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when I first got my foreman back in October mine did the same exact thing yours did, so i took it to the dealer. He said he took the connector off the angle sensor and put die electric grease in it because there was moisture in it. Hasn't done it since.
thanks alot, you just saved me from a huge headache!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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