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Stuck buttons

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I flipped my foreman backwards in water , had a little water in the carb. but my on. off button , 4x4 and key hole are all hard as **** to move. Any easy fixes?
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try getting a can of that compressed air that they make to clean your keyboards. if that doesnt work i guess youre gonna have to take it apart
I would try squirting some WD-40 on everything first and working key/buttons back and forth before I took it apart; just my .02
if WD dont free it up i use stuff called blaster, it is really good stuff. i would proubly just take it apart though.
yeah pb blaster but that might eat the plastic
sprayed it down good with wd and seems to have done the trick, now Its time to drain the gas out, still running rough....
dang where did this happen at? i am from lake charles and we dont really have to terribly much rain the past week or went from raining everyday for like 2 weeks straight to not having a drop of rain in 2 weeks...extremely hott out rite now for me to be riding anyways, unless its in water, and i dont really know how to ride water at all, most of what i ride is mud that is so thick the tires barely turn
It was at the hogwallow grand opening, just going through a deep ditch-canal and pushed it a little to hard Think everything but my ego is ok now...
so how was that park? i been hearing alot about it on the radio and wanted to go but my bike is almost done having the engine rebuilt and instead of going to just watch i went across LA to see my aunt and cousins i havent seen in 10 or 11 years...i figured id skip the first 1 or 2 events there so they can tie down all the loose ends of stuff and get it all dialed in and then id time u go riding there let me know and ill try to go as well i get my bike back this weekend or next week sometime
The park was fun, I think it about 4000 acres so lots of room to play. I will be going back when it's about 70 degrees They have great facilities , showers, bathrooms, a place to eat so it beats the woods. It will take a little while for the park to grow but it will be sweet....
Where's the park at? I'm in Baton Rouge with trailer, will travel!
Where's the park at? I'm in Baton Rouge with trailer, will travel!
yeah where is it? i haven't heard of it.
its in South East, Texas, its about an hour or hour and a half from lake charles, depends on how fast i would be driving...i heard about half and half on the park so far...half think its grate and half think its dumb; from what i am hearing they dont have many 4wheeler trails so you just kinda limited to where you can ride, i know they have alot of lil canals and stuff like that but not sure about it now, its a bit pricey from what everyone is saying but it just opened and the guy doesnt wanna drive straight into the ground right off the bat...the park will be nice when they get a group of bikes to go out and clear some trails and such
You take I-10 through lake charles and the first exit after the LA/TX border and its about 12 miles up that road. Very easy to find, it took us 1hour and 45 minutes from lafayette. You can spend all day cruising the park and they do have trails in the back ,but way back. I heard he's going to have a one day price of $20 so thats a fair price I think if you look around at other park prices.
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