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I need to find out who all makes a stroker kit. I need one now. Please let me know and if anyone has one let me in on what you think about it.
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thumper racing makes a 502 big bore, but there is no stroker kit.
Turner cycles will build you a stroker motor but you have to send your motor to them plus he wants 2500 bucks to build the stroker motor for the 500 foreman
I have a question? Before anyone one starts puting more power in a Foreman shouldn't we build up the drive train first? What about half shaft, universal joints, and diffs? Has any one seen any product for those that are stronger? I am just wondering? I know they make gorilla axles but what about the diffs and universal joints?
everything is good to go. When the axles break go with Gorilla, and if you want a stronger yoke set up, send into Turner Cycles for $150.
yeah but beefing up your yoke could lead to bigger problems down the road cause your strengthening your weakest link
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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