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Has anybody installed a set of strobes on their bike? I was wondering how easy/hard it was to do, and which system might be the best. I have heard you can get the whole kit for less than $30 at Auto Zone, Napa, etc...
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a guy named Mike Walker who has the "T-REX" kawasaki prarie 750 had them on his bike a while ago and they looked good, i dont know what brand they were or anything but they looked really good. i have thought about doing it, i just never got around to it. if you are really interested in doing this i can try to get a hold of him but right now he is getting ready for the mud nats.
If you could just find out where he got them that would be awesome. The rest of the stuff I can figure out later.
i emailed him, i will let you know what he said as soon as i get a responce from him.
Bought mine at Walmart. I use them for signal lights but have had to replace one of them once since theydon't like water at all. The bulb portion sealed up OK but the controler failed after taking on water.
i talked to him and he said that he saw some strobes at autozone, he said that any strobes would work. i would try to seal everything up the best i could because i doubt that you will be able to find any that are already sealed up good.
yall are talking about police lights arent you?
they are lights that flash really quick. they are kind of like what is on top of busses(school busses) they just flash quick, thats about the best i can explain it.
i know what strobe lights are but i thought it would be pointless to put them on so i though of police lights since i have heard them called strobes. so new question why put strobe lights on your atv? sorry if i sound like an arse but i guess i just dont see the point.
Microstobe IV are weather proof. Made by tomar Electronics INC. That is what we use at work offshore and they come weather proof. Now if it would be the shape you would be looking for cant answer that. I had them on a speaker box i built...
I yahoo ED the name and found their website.
Strobes on an ATV? I don't get it.
They are great for sudden dance raves 10 miles back in the bush....I
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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