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Stripped out oil drain plug

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Well, I stripped out one of the oil drain plug screws on my 07 Rubicon... any thoughts on repairing this? I bought a new bolt and it still seeps out a little bit. Any thoughts??

I thought about retapping the whole to a 13mm and calling it a day but i am worried about getting metal shavings inside the the crankcase? I tried to use a thread repair kit but the bolt doesn't appear to be any real common size 12mm bolt. I tried 12mmx1.25 12mmx1.5 and 12mmx1.75.. none of which match up to the bolt.

I really don't want to have to split the case. Is there some sort of trick to repairing this thing? Or Am i just S.O.L.???
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you can re-tap the hole just put alot of grease on the tap and the shaving will stay attached to the tap. you aren't working with steel snug is more then good enough on 90% of the bike
can u put like an o-ring or gasket around the new bolt.
might that work.
Well I have a thread restorer kit and i am going to try and use it first. found some brass washers with rubber in the center around the bolt and that is where it is leaking, I'm going to try that. If that fails i will be drilling and heli-coiling it.
We use Heli-coils for all stripped drain plugs except 2000-06 TRX350 we use insert for them ...
how much do you usually charge for sometihng like that???
well dang.. i may just take it in and have it done...
Well my father in law's 06 was stolen some time last fall (not sure exactly when, as it was in storage and he just discovered it was missing a couple of weeks ago).

Got the ignition switch replaced, but went to change the fluids and the rear drain plug is stripped.

Is there enough metal in the Rubicon crankcase in that area to drill oversize and tap one size up, or maybe even add a helicoil? @toodeep @harig
Yes, I've oversized them to the 14mm drain plugs with zero issues.

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I'll look tomorrow on the thread pitch. I'm drawing a blank at the moment, way too much going on.

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14mm 1.5 thread - 31/64 drill bit (that kit is using metric) would be correct for the Honda drain plugs I use.

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Thanks for the help toodeep!
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