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Stripped oil filter housing bolt

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One of my bolts won't stay in, i suspect the threads are stripped. I've been running it with only two bolts for a couple years and not had any problems that I'm aware of but am going to change my filter and thought i should address it again. I keep an eye on the oil level because a little spits out and i top it off from time to time. I mainly just use it for plowing my driveway and chores, not trail riding. Any thoughts on a cheap fix? Also, how urgently do i need to fix this? Thanks in advance for your help!
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What model machine? Anyway, for most of them I’d think access to use a helicoil type thread repair should be pretty easy.

If it were mine, I’d want to be confident that the oil filter is well secured, since if it let go and dumped all the oil and you didn’t notice immediately….
I would put a helicoil in there, they are relatively cheap on Amazon, easy to install and best of all it'll never strip again.
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