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Striped drain plug

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I have a friend that changed his oil on his fourtrax 300 4x4 and he striped the drain plug. It's on but he says he can't get it to tighten and it drips a little. Will the shop just tap out the hole and put a new plug in it?
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We install time-serts when we run across this problem. A time-sert, which is stronger than a heli-coil, is a solid piece that gets installed w/ a special tool. The hole is drilled, taped and then counter sunk to accept the insert. When installed properly, the insert is flush w/ the engine case and the stock size drain bolt can be used. Kits are anywhere between $100 to $150 each but well worth the investment for a shop.
I will tell him all is not lost and they can fix him right up!
samething happened to me on my bike. The shop used J.B. weld to create a new hole and die tapped it to original size. Two tries later and it fits perfectly, only 10 bucks was spent! Try this before the expensive method

sell it and get a Foreman .................
That's what I told him .
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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