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Strip gear sound

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Hello everyone. I was spinning around on the ice this weekend with the wheels turned to the left. I heard a definite spline striping noise in the front somewhere. I let off the gas right away and it stopped. It was just for a second. What could that have been? Stripped splines on the half shafts, or maybe a cv? The 4 wheel drive works and have tested it on a hill. But i want to know what i might be looking at in the near future. Thanks
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the only thing up front is the driveshaft/coupling, axles and the diff. My first thought would be the driveshaft coupling, but you said it seems to be pulling fine. What year is you bike? its possible the 4wheel drive tried to dissengauge if it has 2-4 select on it.
Hi Dirty, It is an 04 with the 2x4 switch. It has about 2400 miles on it. My first thought was the drive shaft coupling too. That is scary. The switch 2x4 engagement has always worked good. I stopped on and incline and gave it gas and spun all the tires to see if it would do it again. It wouldn't. Maybe i should try it again. If it is the drive shaft coupler, it should slip again very easy you would think, right? I have never read of the 2x4 engagement causing trouble on this forum but i suppose it could. Thanks
Just play it ear and see what happens it might have been a freak accident, it may never do it again. it's also hard to pin point a problem if you cant find it. If there is or was a problem I would think it will show itself right away.
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