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Stranged Metalic Sound

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Have a strange metalic tinging noise coming from the rear of my 07 Rubi. Almost sounds like it is a little bell ringing... I only notice it in reverse when i hit the throttle real hard and i am turning while backing up. I hate trying to describe sounds but that is the best i can do.
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First thing check your rear diff and make sure the fluid is good. And also here is a stupid ?? but it happened to my friend. He has a super trapp exhaust and the disc would vibrate somtimes. But is not like the guy said before wheel bearings.
Sorry type o. I meant to say if everything else is good like the guy said before most likely wheel bearings.
I know Honda has a problem with their mufflers because they are replacing my muffler because of a chirping sound ( mine's an 05 ) and an 07 that came into my dealers with the same sound. At first it was minor but gradually got worse, anytime you gave it gas, you got the sound. In the beginning they said it was normal, but I expect they then got a lot of complaints and they decided they would replace the mufflers. This may or may not be your problem, but you might want to tell your dealer.
I was kind of thinking its a wheel bearing. How involved is changing the rear wheel bearings??? I have lots of experiece on cars and trucks, does this compare at all????
How long have you had your 07? I would think wheel bearings would last a bit longer then this. I replaced my front wheel bearing at 3400 miles on my 05 and the back ones are still fine.
it has 100 hours and 500 miles.... i would think the same thing too.... thats why i was thinking about it being the muffler....
if you really think its the wheel bearing, they are real easy to change. a good site to look at is TEXMUDDER.COM. look down on the page and it even shows real pics on how to do it.
Wheel bearings are easy to check. Just jack up the bike and check the wheel for any movement side to side or top to bottom.
thats what i figured...

and the TEXMUDDER.COM site is no longer active...

thanks for the help guys
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