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Strange '06 350 Rancher swingarm mishap...

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3 of us were out on the trail a couple of days ago, and my friend's '06 TRX350FE had something very strange happen...

The right swingarm pivot bolt, nut, and cap must have vibrated? loose. I really don't see how that can happen, but the parts just aren't there any more.

To make things worse, once that happened, it applied enough force to the single rear shock to snap the bottom mounting point off of the shock. I was thinking... uh...this isn't an Eton. It's a Honda! WTF?

Fortunately, we were about 1/4 mile from the house and we were able to give him a tow back with his bike in neutral while it was trying to crab crawl.

So, I went to to help my friend out and give him a parts list of what is missing/damaged so we can fix his ride. The schematic is a bit fuzzy, but the pivot nut looks like a castle nut. Can any Honda techs or anyone with a shop manual confirm this? Is there a specialty installation tool for this nut? If so, does anyone have a price/ part number for the tool? Also the pivot bolt itself...does it have an allen head, or does that require a specialty tool as well?

Thanks in advance, Kirk.
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Get Honda Mechnic on this site to help you. He is very knowledgeable and always there to help! Good Luck
We've seen a few (newer & older) models the pivot bolts were either loose or missing .. We had 1 Rubicon (it was a week or 2 old) that bent the frame from being driven out of the woods ...
Honda Mechanic, do you know if the bolt or nut require any specialized tool for removal/installation?

The schematic I saw made the nut look like some sort of castle nut.
The lock-nut takes a special splined tool ... The fixed allen head pivot is 17mm and torques to 87 ft/lb ..The adjustable allen pivot torques to 2.9 ft/lb , then tighten the lock nut to 87 ft/lb ...

We get a LOT at work tightened with a punch which doesn't tighten it near 87 ft/lb and makes it hard to use the special socket ...

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Honda Mechanic, thank you very much for the info. I do appreciate it!

Can I buy this tool from Honda? Would you happen to know the price? If so, is there a website for purchasing Honda specific tools?

Thanks again,

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