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Stop the Squeaking

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I was ridin my Foreman last week through water and now my front A-arms will not stop squeaking. I tried to WD-40 them and put an oil gun to them. Any suggestions?
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Ours squeak from time to time too. I put WD40 & it stopped it for a little
while, but the squeaks came back.
get a radio and crank it up.
Take your shocks loose from there mounts and wipe some good bearing grease on the bushings. Don't spare any. Reinstall the shocks and it should be gone. I have to do this after my first ride on my Foreman and I never ride without having to cross a creek. The squeek has never returned.
QUOTE ("JoeForeman":3t0eejzh)
get a radio and crank it up.
I don't hear the squeaks when the radio is up, but yours was squeakin' so
loud i could here it over the radio ..................... Just kiddin'.
i think it actually went away after a while. i remember it in the start but i guess after a few of those water rides or mud puddles it went away. I didnt hear it squeaking when i was winching you out of that pond.
Hey!!!!!!!! That's our secret!! It never died & it was Jackson's fault. It was
still in reverse & he nailed the gas before i could put it in 1st gear.
Its easy to blame it on someone that cant defend themself huh?
He did nail my throttle when i told him to give it a little gas to back it up that hill. I thought i was gonna have to run after him.
You gotta watch that little fella. He loves to play with the thumb throttle.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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