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Stolen Foreman!!!

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My foreman was stolen last night!! Good thing it was insured but **** it sucks. Like all of us on here I was so into my bike. I just wanted to post this to see if any of my local people see anyone trying to off load a foreman or parts for real cheap. If anyone knows of where or how I can get it back there will be a reward!! Theres picks of it in my personal gallery.
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What is up with all the ATV thefts lately? Sorry to hear about your bike.
That's a **** shame, someone has to resort to stealing other people's ride!!!! What a bunch of LOSER'S!!!!
That sucks!!! if you want a bike go out and work for one
That does suck! I would be sooooo pissed off!! Mine are fully insured but I don't think it will pay for the mods! Noone around here want's mine, it's yellow! This is green atv country!
that sucks it was very nice, i will keep a look out for it
That really sucks !!!Why do people steal ,for fun???Thats so stupid!!!Thats the saddest thing,cause people cant afford it,so they steal it!!!.Were do you keep your bike at in the first place??
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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