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Stolen camo foreman in central arkansas

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Stolen off hwy 5. 2007 Honda foreman, camo, basket racks, winch, mudlight tires. Reverse/headlight switches on the pod. Please contact if found. The Atv that is. I'm not worried about the body. 601-906-1577 [email protected]. Reward may be offered.
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I would help to know where you are.
F*ing thieves
Sorry to hear about your ride
Sorry about that I didn't see the header.

I hope you get it back!
scumbags "no body no crime"
**** basturds were did it get stolen from waht state!! hope u get it back
I live in Rison(south of Pine Bluff) and I will keep an eye out this way for the foreman. sorry to hear about that man, I hate theives!! I also let my friends on facebook know. A lot of em are in central arkansas, some up north and a couple down south. maybe this bike will be found before it gets too far.
Sorry to hear about the bike but sure hope you get it back. Sounds like a good APB is out on Facebook on your behalf.
Check Craigslist for your surrounding area.

Be Safe
Sorry to hear about your misfortune. ...but this is the perfect example of why you buy insurance for your ATV. For less than $150 a year you would have been protected (and I know that Progressive covers up to $1,000 worth of accessories/upgrades at no additional cost, dollar for dollar replacement).
I had "full" coverage. Insurance man put the value at 4500. Claim lady said they would have paid 5200 an then I had 1500 in accessories. . I should have read my policy. Cost me 2k on what would have been a couple extra bucks per month.
that sucks man !!!! you probably get it back all fcked up !!! just sucks dirty bastereds!!!!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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